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Tax Services We Offer

At McGinn Law Firm we take every step necessary to help improve your tax troubles with the IRS. We make sure to give each of our clients a personalized approach because we understand each case is different. Our main goal is to give each of our clients a positive new start with the IRS. Contact us if any of the following apply to you.

Keep In Mind

The IRS can sometimes bother the taxpayer during the review process. However, after we start representing our clients, the IRS must deal with us instead of you. If the IRS contacts you in any manner, and you are our client, you can simply get the name and identification number of the IRS employee and provide us with the details. We will then contact the IRS, to ensure that the IRS will stop contacting our clients. Some other tactics the IRS may use against innocent taxpayers are:

  • The IRS may tell the taxpayer that forms are missing.
  • The IRS may stall the taxpayer.
  • The IRS will constantly ask for more documents.

Overview Of NJ Tax Services

1. Settle Back Taxes

We can file all of your tax returns including past years of unfiled returns. At McGinn Law Firm our experienced tax professionals can help you file your returns properly.

2. Wage Garnishment Release

The IRS can seize control of your assets if the taxpayer has unpaid taxes. At McGinn Law Firm we will try to stop the IRS from taking your assets.

3. IRS Bank Levy Release

The IRS can establish a levy against the taxpayer’s bank account, which is attached to the taxpayer’s funds. At McGinn Law Firm we will fight for our clients against the IRS.

4. Unfiled Tax Returns

At McGinn Law Firm we will take the time to prepare our client’s Unfiled Tax Returns, which could span years. We sit down with our clients and answer any questions they have. As a result, our clients will have with all State filings prepared and tax concerns will be put at ease.

5. Offer in Compromise

When we get our clients an Offer in Compromise we make sure the agreement between the taxpayer and the IRS is in our client’s best interest.

6. Tax Lien Help

A taxpayer’s property can be used to compensate an outstanding tax debt. As a result, a Tax Lien is issued to the taxpayer and a public notice is filed. At McGinn Law Firm protecting the taxpayer is our main mission.

7. Payroll Tax Issues (941)

If a client owned a business that was unsuccessful and the client had not paid IRS Payroll Taxes or had forgotten to file his IRS Payroll Tax returns, the IRS could levy, lien, or seize the taxpayer’s assets. At McGinn Law Firm our clients can rest easy and let our experienced attorneys handle this issue.

8. Innocent Spouse

If our client is married, our client can file a joint tax return with their spouse to minimize their tax liability.

9. Audit Representation

We will help our clients accurately explain their income and validate any expenses and deductions claimed on their tax returns.

10. IRS Payment Plan

We can help our clients choose the right IRS Payment Plan that allows a taxpayer to pay their IRS liabilities over a set period of time.

McGinn Law Firm tax attorney in New Jersey knows that everyone is facing a different tax battle and we believe in providing long lasting tax solutions. Rumson New Jersey tax attorney makes sure that our clients are provided with a cost effective solution that can save them from spending an unnecessarily hefty amount. To achieve the emotional and financial well-being of our clients, our tax attorney in New Jersey believes in having an open and sincere communication with the client because that is extremely pivotal to get best possible results.

Our Rumson New Jersey tax attorney understands that tax litigation for resolving a tax issue with IRS is everyone’s last choice. However, occasionally it’s the only choice to resolve a tax controversy. Nevertheless, tax litigation doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to face the trial; it can also be sorted out the other way round.

Knowledge, confidence and most importantly experience of our tax attorney in New Jersey help our clients to move ahead with full confidence, no matter the tax controversy they are going through. Our Rumson New Jersey tax attorney has been representing clients facing tax controversy matters from ages. McGinn Law Firm’s tax attorney in New Jersey has the right expert guidance regarding all types of tax litigation matters.

IRS has many tactics at its end to deal with a person, who is facing tax debt, including seizing your property, seizing your bank account and even your salary and a lot more. These tools used by IRS can have negative consequences in one’s life, although it may seem that it’s impossible to get out of tax debt controversy, you should know that you have certain rights, you can always consult our Rumson New Jersey tax attorney to get tax relief. We try our best to find the best possible solutions for all of your tax debt problems.

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